Powerball 60: Big reactions

Check out this reaction to Powerball 60 caught on tape!

In the following performances I have a spectator sit on an prediction envelope before we start. At the end they can rip open the envelope and they can take out the prediction and it maches their number. No nail writers, No forces, it is a free choice of any number and it can be repeated with any other number. Watch the crazy reaction to this simple to do effect :)

And there are NO nail writers, NO double writing.
This is the most practical approach to this effect that you can get.
All you need are the tickets (already in your wallet), a pen and some spectators...and minds will be blown!





Powerball 60 is an effect that Bill Abbott and myself came up with a few years ago. The seed of the idea came from an effect that Bill was exploring, which involved the use of an old mathematic principle which allows you to have someone think of any number between 1-60 and by simply having the spectator look through a grid of numbers, you can then tell them what number they are thinking of.

Even though the mathematical principle is very old, I had never seen it before and it fooled me. I thought that the principle was great but the number grid was too obvious. Bill and I began to explore how we could camouflage the number grid in a place where it would go unnoticed. Our first thought was a lottery ticket. We knew that in order for this effect to really strike hard the tickets needed to look absolutley real. We found a great graphic artist and then sourced the perfect manufacturer to create real lottery tickets, complete with real scratch surfaces, even perforated tear marks along the sides of the tickets.

The beauty of Powerball 60 is that by carrying the tickets in your wallet you have the ability to read someone's mind anywhere and anytime with no advanced preparation. The lottery tickets look like normal used scratch tickets so they remain invisible to the audience. 

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